Cannabis Plant Training for Higher Yields

Plant training is a method to enhance the yield of your cannabis plants through manipulating their growth. Growers can improve the plant’s structure and maximize its production by carefully pruning and twisting branches.

Cannabis plant training has numerous benefits. Here are some of these benefits:

Increased yield:

Training cannabis can lead to a greater harvest. Modifying the growth can help increase the amount of buds and create larger, better-quality cannabis.

Increased Light Permeability:

You can train your cannabis plants to create an even canopy which lets more light reach the lower branches. This will result in stronger and larger buds.

Improved Airflow:

Cannabis plant training can improve airflow. It will prevent the development of mildew, mold, and other pest-causing diseases.

Greater control:

Growing plants can be trained to give them more control over the form and structure. Indoor growers may find this useful, especially if you need to maximize your space.

There are many plant training methods that can help you increase your cannabis yields. These are the top ten most used:


The process involves taking off the top stem of the main plant in order for it to produce two new main branches. This allows the plant to have a more uniform canopy which encourages it to produce more buds.

LST is Low-Stress Training:

It involves gently bent the branches to form a more uniform canopy. This encourages better bud development and lets more light reach the lower branches.

SCROG is short for Screen of Green:

This means that the screens are placed on top of the plants. As the plants grow, the branches will be woven into the screen. This helps to create a better canopy for the plants and stimulates more growth.

Super Cropping:

Is when you gently squeeze the stem to form kinks. This could stimulate the plants to produce more flowers. Training cannabis plants is essential for increasing your yield. Plant training can help increase your plant’s yield and produce bigger buds. It is worth looking into plant training to help you take your marijuana growing skills to the next level.

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